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The Descriptive Paragraph - The Description of a Person Welcome to week 3 of this semester and your second writing asment. I hope you all enjoyed writing and reading the last asment. If you did not get your text corrected by someone please let me know. No texts should go uncorrected!

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Her thick, wavy, long black hair gracefully falls down to her shoulders and encircles her diamond-shaped face. Academic writing is much more structured than e-mails or letters, so that everything that belongs together stays together.

No matter what the topic, however, the writer is a painter with words, so the description must be vivid but fro coherent - logically arranged - so that the reader can clearly envision who is being described. This week we will tturn our attention to another useful device used in both fiction and non-fiction, the descriptive technique.

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This type of organization is called spatial organization. Have fun!

Her curved nose gives her a little girl look that makes me want to smile when she talks. She looked like a putas a domicilio and modest woman, one that you would meet in a supermarket. She had lived over 30 years next to chimpanzees in the rainforest, studying and learning mice them as she said.

No texts should go uncorrected! And even though she has been back to the civilized world for many years now, where she has taught at many universities and fought battles against politicians, businesses and other strong opponents to get arrangdment for chimpanzees and other apes, she must have done this with those very calm gestures that are more convincing than any powerful and eloquent talk. Her slightly arched chestnut brown eyebrows highlight her emotions by moving up and down as she reacts to her world around her.

In a descriptive paragraph, you must make the location of the objects being described very clear.

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I guess you can tell that I am head over heals in love with Mary. She did not look like what I had expected a popular world-renowned scientist would look like. In spite of having been born in Britain in Nlceshe had nothing of a typical British behaviour about her.

But what if you were asked to describe how something looks - a place, a thing, or a person? How should you arrange your ideas and sentences in the paragraph? A golden suntan usually brings out her smooth, clear complexion and high cheek bones.

As we learned, narrative paragraphs describe a sequence of events or tell a story. In narratives a topic sentence often comes at the very end in order to build up suspense for the reader. It is birl to tell about the person's style of clothing, manner of walking, colour and style of hair, facial appearance, body shape, and expression or even the person's way dor talking.

She wore blue jeans, trainers and a cotton blouse. And she did not even look like a woman over 50, though her long horny women near simi skovde tied in a ponytail was grey. Look at the following description and see if you can get a good image of what Mary looks like: Mary is as beautiful as a Hollywood star.

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As literary students you may be asked to relate the role a character plays in a novel or as de students you may be asked to relate arrabgement role a person plays in a successful bd3 escorts, as a deer for instance. Try to use very descriptive adjectives and possibly look up some in either a dictionary or translator to add them to your active vocabulary.

You don't have to be as sappy as the author of "Mary" was but you can be, of course! The logical arrangement of ideas and sentences in a narrative paragraph is chronological - according to time order.

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I have read some of her books and like her idea of teaching children all over the world about environmental conservation and wild animal care so much that I hope to do it personally one day, too. But how would you describe a person and their role? When she smiles, which is often, her well formed and even, white teeth brighten up arrrangement whole face.

Her large deep blue eyes, remind me of a lake on a stormy day. Therefore, you should arrange your sentences and details according to where the objects being described are located.

Last week I mentioned topic sentences: a topic sentence summarizes the entire idea of the paragraph a writer is relating in one short sentence. When you are describing the way something looks - its physical appearance - it is loooing time but space that is important. Obviously, time order would not be logical. As the greatest and most popular scientist of chimpanzees in the world and today also an active member of the UN Security Council and close friend of Kofi Anan, she is very busy and always travelling, so the chance to see her ,ooking quite rare.

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Generally speaking, however, in most academic writing, the topic sentence is the first sentence in the paragraph and summarizes the ideas that will follow. The Descriptive Paragraph - Ncie Description of a Person Welcome to week 3 of this semester and your second writing asment. If you did not get your text corrected by someone please let me know.